Health & saftey

We would like to remind all visitors to this site that Nitrous Oxide is a controlled substance and to purchase it you must be at least 18 year of age in the Australia.  Anyone visiting this site under this age must leave immediately, regardless of the laws in other countries where you maybe accessing this website from. 

We wish to inform user of this website of the potentially fatal consequences of the misuse of Nitrous oxide, referred to as Laughing Gas. People have died from Nitrous Oxide, 20 people in 2016 alone(AU). These mainly occurred from asphyxiation (Deprivation of oxygen). 


Nitrous oxide is not without its risks, one of the main risks is it impairs your judgement and can make you dizzy. This makes you careless and can put yourself at risk of injury, especially in environments where NOS is normally inhaled in (Eg. Steep drops, rivers and fires). Users with low blood pressure have increased risk and are susceptible to experience unpleasantness such as dizziness and weakness. This has been compared to a ‘whitey’ induced by a large amount of cannabis being consumed.

Similar to many other drugs laughing gas can bring on incipient mental health issues with destabilizing effects, in rare cases it can also produce disturbing automatisms of unconscious vocalisations and uncontrollable muscle behavior.

While there is no evidence you can become addicted to Nitrous Oxide it is possible to become psychologically addicted,  having a craving or desire for the drug, despite the damage you may be causing to yourself. Other health risks common from heavy users of NOS is vitamin B12 deficiency, as sessions of excessive use will diminish stores of the vitamin.

The most dangerous risk associated with the use of nitrous oxide, is the risk of asphyxiation from the method of administration. The risky methods of delivery are the use of tubes or masks connected to the mouth and or nose that will keep providing the gas, even when the user is passed out ultimately causing asphyxiation. The amount of NOS that can be inhaled from a balloon or “double balloon”, with the use of a cream charger canister and dispenser is far below the quantity even used for anaesthetic purposes. However, you still put yourself at risk when misusing nitrous oxide. If the person is using a mask or tube and it is not removed  it will make the user unconscious and they will be deprived of oxygen ultimately causing asphyxiation.